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Joints are where one bone connects with another. Joints and their surrounding structures allow you to bend your elbows and knees, wiggle your hips, bend your back, turn your head, and wave your fingers to say good-bye.

There are spaces between the bones that allow for proper movement and function. Smooth tissue called cartilage and synovium and a lubricant called synovial fluid fill and cushion the joints so bones do not rub together.

When joints do not work properly, muscles and ligaments cannot function properly either. This can lead to a host of problems most of which cause PAIN.

The most common causes for joint pain are:

  • Aging – the older you get the more joint pain you are likely to experience.
  • Injury – often sustained from a fall, an accident, playing contact sports or repetitive work tasks.
  • Illness – such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and gout.
  • Excessive weight – extra weight provides added force on your joing which can wear and tear your cartilage.

Symptoms of joint pain include:

  • Persistent aching or pains in and around the joint.
  • Limited motion joints are stiff, hard to move restricting range of motion.
  • Swelling inflammation within and around the joint.

Chiropractic Company offers a natural approach to permanent joint pain relief.

  • No risk – no need to use medications with possible side affects or to undergo risky surgery.
  • We get to the root – identify and correct the underlying cause of joint dysfunction.
  • Recover faster – we can speed up the recovery from injuries to ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows and shoulders.
  • Pain is gone – inflammation and stiffness is reduced and range of motion is restored.

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This place has changed my life style have change a lot, since I started to treating with them, the change has really been great💙 having more energy. I really recommend this place. the team is great.
Dr. Sam is simply the BEST! He is attentive, caring and a true healer. After a bad experience with therapy, and switching chiropractors, I started experiencing the relief I deserved at precision injury! GO NOW!!! Daily headaches and pain is NOT ok!!!!
Great place recommended it anyone that’s been in a accident they are very helpful. The staff is amazing and they treat you with care.
Doctor Sam was great, he is best the Chiropractic, I had an S.I. Joint problem and he fixed as if it never happened, thank you Doctor Sam if it wasn’t for you I would be able to go to the gym and enjoy in normal life, his methods and techniques are awesome, all that with a great attitude and a smile.
Dr. Hosseini is super attentive and gives you quality treatment. He is the best chiropractor in Dallas, strongly recommend.

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